Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: A 9-V Integrative Approach

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You’ve heard of 3D. Jerry Wagner introduced 9Vs to reflect the multidimensional beauty and complexity of the Enneagram personality styles. Arranged under nine “Vs,” Wagner’s system creates a 9 x 9 symmetrical matrix that is comprehensive, yet easy to understand. This one-day workshop clearly illustrates the nine Vs of each personality style, providing answers to commonly-asked questions and getting to the core of what makes each one “tick”

Values: What motivates, excites, and enthuses each style?
Visions: Worldviews of each style. What each style envisions as their purpose. Representative adaptive and maladaptive schemas of each style.
Vulnerabilities: Highly sensitive areas of each style, which may easily result in emotional reactivity
Virtues: Love expressed in an undistorted way, emanating from healthy emotional schemas that reflect the “true self”
Vices: Addictive reactions originating from the “false self,” and love expressed in a distorted manner
Vectors: Connections and internal flow among the nine styles — what each style experiences under relaxed or stressful conditions
Venues: The enVironmental conditions under which human beings grow up – nurture that grows or slows our nature
deVelopment: Interactions of nature and nurture throughout the life-cycle
Vicissitudes: Chance encounters, unpredictable vagaries and variations that keep occurring during our lives, making all personality theories, including the Enneagram, always tentative

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