CHICAGO/SKOKIE: Advanced Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program

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My Basic and Advanced Training Programs are accredited by the International Enneagram Association.  Participants who want to be recognized as an accredited Enneagram Professional can count my programs toward their own accreditation through the IEA.  All of my previous trainings and workshops will count toward your individual professional accreditation.  This offers you more credibility for your own work.


In the Advanced Training, I will be sharing with you a new way to integrate the pieces of the Enneagram puzzle that you can use in your own workshops.  This will involve some new approaches to working with each style’s Sweet Spots (what we do well and have to offer to our outer team), Blind Spots (what we avoid), Hot Spots (early vulnerabilities and sensitivities that we seek to shield ourselves from), and Desired Spots (what we really want.)

We’ll be exploring how each person can appreciate her or his own gifts and how they can expand their repertoire of adaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  We’ll go deeper into the wings or neighbors of each style and the points of relaxation and stress of each type, the arrows, so we can expand our own personality paradigms.  This will be achieved by listening to the various types themselves.  We’ll get in touch with all nine players on our inner team.  There are “minute meditations” for each style to connect with the spirit and resources of each type.

We’ll spend a day learning the adaptive and maladaptive schemas of each style; how we maintain, avoid, and compensate for our maladaptive beliefs; and how we can let go of our not-so-helpful thoughts and replace them with more useful schemas.

In our area of avoidance and blind spots we’ll practice integrating our shadow or rejected elements into our acceptable self-image.   You’ll learn the 4 R’s so you’ll be able to recognize, relabel, reown, and recycle your polarities and use this process with your clients.

We’ll reflect on early childhood hurts, our hot spots, and how we fashioned our style to protect us from being hurt that way again.   We’ll also learn alternate ways of taking care of our inner child.

We’ll spend time deepening our understanding of subtypes, highlighting the latest thinking of Claudio Naranjo, Bea Chestnut, and other Enneagram experts.

We’ll practice interpreting my Enneagram inventory so you’ll have more ideas of how to use the WEPSS with your own clients.

Along the way, we’ll differentiate more the look-alike types and hear more about how each type likes to communicate and be communicated with.


      • July 31-August 3, 2017.  Monday-Thursday  9-5

WHERE IS THE ADVANCED TRAINING HELD?DoubleTree by Hilton: Chicago – North Shore Conference Center

  • 9599 Skokie Blvd; Skokie, IL  60077; 847-679-7000
  • A conference rate of $121 + taxes is available for the Training.  The deadline to reserve these rates is 30 days before the Training.
  • The hotel is easily reached from O’Hare airport.  It is approximately 45min from downtown Chicago and is across the street from an upscale mall with many restaurants.


  • The cost of the training is $800
  • 24 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) are available at no additional cost for psychologists, counselors, and social worker


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