Enneagram – Sweet Spots, Blind Spots, Hot Spots and Desired Spots: Using the Enneagram’s Spots to Understand Intrapsychic and Interpersonal Dynamics

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The ENNEAGRAM is a personality system that presents a useful template or map for understanding ourselves, important people in our lives, and groups. A full spectrum of personality styles, it describes nine ways of perceiving, processing and responding to the world.

• Each Enneagram style has sweet spots where there is clarity of vision, or an intuitive edge. We look for what we value, what is important to us. We see some things clearer and sooner than others do.
• Each style also has blind spots, some aspects of ourselves, others, and the world that we overlook but that others see more easily. Some see others’ needs but not their own; some notice ideas but miss feelings; some accentuate the positive but eliminate the negative, etc.
• Each style has hot spots, vulnerabilities that are usually found around our sweet spots and early childhood hurts and vulnerabilities. When what we value or what we’re good at gets criticized or dismissed, we get anxious, depressed, or angry — and then overreact. These are hurts that we look out for. Our personality style develops to make sure we don’t get hurt this way again. Some are very sensitive about being left out, others about conflict, and still others about failure, etc.
• Each style has desired spots – what each style really wants and needs.

This workshop will involve input, personal reflection, discussion in type-alike groups, and panels of varying types.

Special Discounted Rate to attend both Enneagram Programs for a total of 18 credit hours!

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